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hey there. my name's renata and i'm almost 17 (i could say i'm 16 but I know i'll only remember of changing it in the next year, so).
i'm a fucking retardarded and ungrateful bitch. just like the average 17 year old people. by the way, my musical taste doesn't even make sense. from slayer to roxette, here is myself. i like cute books (please, i don't mean twilight or nicholas sparks or 50 shades of gray. seriously) and like lord of the rings. i want to marry tolkien.
here it is: i'm crazy and i like maths and physics, ok? tesla, i love you. no, i'm not nerd or really good at school. at. all.
i'm not pretty, not even cool. i just don't know what people see in me. but if you want to follow me, be prepared for depressive stuff. and my horrible english :p
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It’s just too awkward the way you wake up to life and find out everything’s a lie and it’s your fault. It’s difficult to accept that you’re just a desperate person believing in anything just to do not feel that lost. I can’t stop thinking about how stupid I am.

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Why do porn sites have a “Share to Facebook” button. Who watches porn and thinks “You know who would really enjoy this, my family and friends” 

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"i’m not a girl
i’m a storm with skin"

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Everything you love is here

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Make an assumption about me and I’ll tell you if it”s true or false

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getting a tumblr was the worst decision of my academic life

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how do you take selfies without ending up hating yourself

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Britney Spears for Vogue

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"Algumas coisas não servem mais. Você sabe. Chega. Porque guardar roupa velha dentro da gaveta é como ocupar o coração com alguém que não lhe serve. Perda de espaço, tempo, paciência e sentimento. Tem tanta gente interessante por aí querendo entrar. Deixa. Deixa entrar: na vida, no coração, na cabeça."

Caio Fernando Abreu.   
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